US-Mexico Border Reopening

The Los Algodones border crossing hours have returned to their normal schedule opening at 06:00 AM and closing at 10:00 PM California time for all travelers, including non-essential travelers. If you have any questions or doubts about how this could affect your dental appointment, please call us at (928)-257-1307

Patient Review

Kathleen Dobos

Yucca Valley, CA, USA

I received dental work Monday through Wednesday of the week of April 17, 2016. I have had extensive dental work in the past 40 years, to the tune of $150,000, so I am very experienced in quite a few procedures. It has become impossible for me to afford the dental work I need in the States. What I needed done this last week was a root canal and two crowns. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship and the organization of SaniDental. The dentists are very skilled, professional and focused on the task. I have had root canals and many crowns in the past (among other things, like implants and bone grafts, etc.), and I have to say that the skill of the dentists was the best I have ever experienced. Also the organization of the rest of the staff was great. Yes, you have to wait because lab work takes time and people are not like machines....things happen, but I would do this in a heartbeat when I need other procedures done. The dentists are very thorough, the place is sterile and they use state of the art equipment I have never seen in the States. My crown work was the most painless I have experienced. The root canal was a breeze. I also appreciated that there was no hard sell for other procedures. In fact, they discouraged having some work done on my friend that a dentist in California insisted she needed to have. She got a night guard and that was it. I also saved about $2700 on my dental work. Be prepared, bring some good books, bring some snacks, relax at their motel, and enjoy the company of other folks who are getting procedures done. And plan on getting some good dental work done, which they guarantee.

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