Sani Dental Group has been featured in a recent issue of HuffPost

The number of clinics and cost savings are the main reasons why Americans, and also Canadians travel to Los Algodones, also known by many as the Molar City.

HuffPost, an American news company with localized and international editions witnessed the practice of Dental Tourism last month when they visited the town.

 Just like foreign visitors, the staff from HuffPost realized that patients can save a significant amount of money in dental care by visiting dental clinics in Los Algodones.

With the rapid growth in dental tourism, Sani Dental Group has also grown and has become the town’s biggest dental facility, treating over 10,000 patients every year from different parts of the globe.

Sani Dental Group takes pride in providing the best dental experience for our patients, offering all the amenities and complimentary services to make their trip as easiest as possible.

Here you can read the full article and see relevant commentary from actual patients.