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Dental implants have helped thousands of people to recover their smile, and their many advantages have inspired people to improve their looks and lifestyle.

These implants are anchored in the upper jawbone, which is close to the dense zygoma bone (cheek bone). Zygomatic Implants are much longer in comparison with traditional implants, which are drilled directly into the jawbone.

They take the anchorage from the zygoma bone, which is denser in quality and more cortical in nature than posterior maxillary bone, and is found in the back part of the upper jaw.

One of the main goals of these type of Zygomatic dental implants is to provide a secure foundation for people with deteriorated jaws who have not been able to get traditional dental implants.

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They gave me a new mouth, which was exactly what i wanted.

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The whole thing for my whole mouth was under 9,000 dollars. Up in the States, I would have had to mortgage my home.

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I still can't believe that i have a brand new smile, I haven't smiled in so long.