Continuos Education

  • CPR Resuscitation Course
  • Medical-Dental Emergency Course
  • IV Seminar Advances in Surgical Implant areas, Prosthesis and Selected Oral Pathology topics
  • Basic Life Support Course
  • Annual Pathology Course
  • IX National and International Seminar: Ibero-American Refresher Course in Maxillofacial and Head and Neck Surgery
  • PERIOFAM Congress
  • XXXIV National Meeting - 23 International Congress of Periodontology
  • XXIV National Meeting - 24 International Congress of Periodontology
  • XXV Endodontics Postgraduates National Meeting
  • Training Program: "Making Endodontics Predictable, Fun, and Cost Efective with Dr. John West"

Sani's International Credentials and Certified Dentists in our group.

After being visited by the Medical Tourism Association staff In 2013 Sani Dental Group was honored with the IPSC "International Patient Services Certification" by the MTA. Our clinic takes great pride on being the first and only Dental Clinic in Mexico with this certification, once again we put ourselved appart being the best option for international patients.

Sani Dental Group is a proud member of the American Dental Association (ADA). We were one of the first dental clinics in Los Algodones to become members of this association.