Which type of Dentures are the best?

There are several reasons why someone may lose their teeth: week teeth, accidents, and poor oral hygiene are some of the most common causes.

If you’re suffering from missing teeth, there is no need to worry. Nowadays, patients have a choice between several procedures to recover their functional smile.

Dentures are the most traditional and reliable form of restoring lost teeth. This procedure offers several benefits. Plus, there are several types of dentures in the market, each with different materials, which are worth knowing.

Everyone’s needs are different, and although several treatment options are available, some conditions may prevent patients from getting other solutions.

Dentures are removable dental appliances for missing teeth and a proven method of restoring teeth. The principle advantages dentures offer are the following:

• Eat and speak comfortably

Dentures allow patients to enjoy their favorite foods again and also to speak clearly without pain and discomfort that teeth loss may have caused.

• Natural Looking

The different materials used to make the plates enable a natural appearance, just like ordinary teeth.

• An Affordable option

Comparing dentures to other permanent alternatives, there is a more cost-effective option.

• Denture support

Without the denture support, facial muscles may sag which could contribute to an older appearance

• Improve the appearance of your smile

Are Dentures the right procedure?

The most basic form of restoring lost teeth are removable dentures. While there are newer, more modern options on the market, some conditions may prevent patients from getting other solutions.

Someone may not be a candidate to get dentures if:

-Have a chronic illness, like diabetes or cancer.

-Someone who has to take certain medications, like anticoagulants.

-Someone with a long history of smoking

-Children who are often too young for permanent treatments.

Type of Dentures

The first step before any dental procedure is to make an appointment with a prosthodontist, someone specialized in teeth restoration and replacement, to make sure dentures will be suitable for the individual.

Once the dentist recommends getting dentures, the patient can start comparing the different type of dentures there are available.

Patients can choose between a different type of denture: a complete and a partial denture depending on their specific needs. Complete dentures are used when all teeth are missing, while the partial ones are used by those who are only missing a few natural teeth.

1. Complete Dentures:

As mentioned before, complete or full dentures consist of both upper and lower removable plates for replacing all teeth.


This type of dentures are made out of porcelain or acrylic and held together by an acrylic base that covers the gum and the roof of the mouth, which enables an entire set of false teeth to sit firmly.

2. Partial Dentures:

Designed to fill the gap created by missing a few teeth as they can be attached to natural teeth in several ways. Replace front, back, upper, and lower teeth with partial dentures.

Different Type of Partial Dentures:

• Cast-Metal Partial Dentures: A strong, solid, and long-lasting option. Made of a metal framework that attaches to the existing teeth with metal scripts. Like the rest of the various dentures, with proper care, they could last many years.

• Flexible Partial dentures: considered by many as a more esthetic option because of its realistic appearance.

Made from a thin, heat-sensitive type of plastic with a flexible nature. Lightweight and comfortable, attached with thin, gum-colored clasps that fit into the natural spaces around the teeth.

• Acrylic Partials: set in a pink acrylic base that attaches to the natural teeth with metal clasps.

The least expensive option for partials, as it is considered just a temporary solution instead of a long-lasting one.

3. Implant-Supported Denture

This type of dentures uses two implants on the bottom and three on the top to support a full set of snap-on dentures. The dentist fits these implants over the course of one or more visits.

A more stable option as the implants are attached to the jawbone. Therefore, the patient needs enough jawbone for the placement.

Acrylic or Porcelain Dentures?

Acrylic Dentures: 

Commonly used to make partial and complete dentures due to its moldable material which can be adapted easily to the mouth.

This type of dentures a very comfortable fit due to the flexibility of the material and are less likely to break or develop fractures.

Porcelain Dentures:

Durable and easily resist wear, preserving tooth length for a longer period compared to acrylic teeth.

Since porcelain is a harder substance, this type of dentures provides long-term durability. Both materials require regular checkups to ensure a proper fit. As we age, our mouths naturally change, which can affect the fit of the denture.

More about the type of Dentures

Previous to fitting dentures, the dentist removes any remaining teeth.

Simple extractions are the one where the tooth is grabbed by forceps and then extracted easily.

Surgical extractions are when drilling, and bone removal is necessary to remove the tooth and the root of the tooth.

When patients require several extractions, the procedure may require two visits, as the jawbone reacts to this process slowly. The first visit for extractions and the second one for the permanent set of dentures.

During this time, the dentist places a temporary plate to keep the patient comfortable as possible in the interim.

How to take care of Dentures

All types of dentures need regular checkups and cleanings to avoid future dental health problems and to extend their sustainability.

The first step is to take care of your mouth. By brushing your mouth completely before inserting the dentures, it helps to stimulate circulation in tissues and gum. This will remove any plaque.

In addition, brushing dentures daily will help remove food particles and plaque. This will also help prevent them from staining.

The dentist will recommend how often to visit to have your type of dentures examined and professionally cleaned. He or she will help ensure a proper fit to prevent any discomfort or loose fit.

Where is the best place to get dentures?

One of the advantages of getting dentures is that is an accessible procedure, compared to other dental treatments.

Even though it may not be that costly, the cost depends on each specific condition, the type of dentures, and of course, the dentist you are visiting.

For example, when in need of extraction or any other additional procedures, the cost goes up.

Dentures are not always covered by insurance, and this is why many choose to give dental tourism a chance. Every time, more and more people are encouraged to experience the benefits of traveling to Mexico to receive dental treatment.

For those wondering the advantages of dental tourism, without a shadow of a doubt, the main advantage is the quality treatments at accessible prices.

In other countries, going to the dentist can turn out to be very stressful for many due to the excessively high prices.

However, when traveling to Mexico and visiting the right dental office, patients can save money and still ensure they will be receiving successful treatment.

Sani Dental Group is one of the largest dental groups in the country. With two different locations and three clinics has become a prestigious recognized dental group.

The accessible prices, trained doctors, and the years of experience taking care of the smile of patients from all over the world are some of the reasons why Sani Dental Group is a leader in the dental industry.

It is hard to believe that patients pay a fraction of the prices they usually would have to pay in their countries of residence. With the following table, compare by yourself how much will a denture cost at Sani Dental Group.

Besides the extremely attractive prices, our clinics offer different dental specialties including oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, periodontics, and endodontics.

A whole team of qualified professionals that continue preparing every year by attending to national and international courses. Patients can rest assured that they are receiving dentures from some of the best dentists in Mexico.

At any of our three clinics, patients can expect to have the procedure they are looking for in the best environment possible. We care about providing a peaceful setting to ensure a comfortable time at every moment of their procedure.

Los Algodones

Sani Dental Group begins as a little dental office in the city of Los Algodones. Over the years, Los Algodones gained popularity as the capital of dental tourism 


of the world. Since then, Sani Dental Group has two clinics and 38 chairs in this little city where there about over 350 different clinics.

It’s convenient location just miles away from the border with the US and next to Yuma, Arizona makes it very simple for Americans to get to Los Algodones.

An on-site laboratory and the unique work process of our clinics differentiates us from other clinics. We're able to offer our patients a more precise diagnosis and ensure they will be receiving the highest quality in their treatments.

Cancun Riviera

Our dental clinic is located within one of the most exclusive buildings in Playa Car. It is very easy to reach the clinic from the airport, just 58.4 km from the Cancun International Airport.

120 kilometer long, located in southeastern Mexico, an exclusive area where patients can enjoy their dental trip like nowhere else.

Both of our locations count with top technology equipment, all the specialties, and a group of professionals that enable us to continue attending thousands of patients.

When deciding where to travel, to receive dentures or any other treatment, be assured you will be in the best possible hands, and having a great dental vacation.


Whether you are looking to get a specific type of dentures or any other dental treatment, by visiting Sani Dental Group you are making the best choice for your smile.


Disclaimer: Open dentist to help you with your dental needs. We are taking additional special measures following CDC recommendations to ensure your health and safety.