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Take Care of your Teeth During Holidays

The holiday season is full of festive food, family gatherings, and happiness all over the place. With busy schedules and changes in your routine, basic oral health habits and dental care can be easily forgotten.

Maintaining an oral hygiene routine during the holiday can be a difficult task to complete. However, as the consumption of sugary food increases, it’s crucial to keep up with a good routine during this time of the year.

Consider following these oral hygiene recommendations, to keep good oral health, avoid unwanted dental problems, and keep your smile brighter than ever during the holidays.

Be careful with your teeth

During the holiday seasons, people tend to be rougher on their teeth. Whether they are using them to cut a ribbon on a present or even to pull a cork from a bottle of wine, their teeth are exposed to be cracked or chipped.

Using your teeth as a tool can be very dangerous, starting a new year with a dental emergency is not the best idea. Remember that even though they are the hardest parts of our body, they are incredibly fragile, use them wisely.

Get your smile ready, then go shopping.

Holiday season can be quite a busy time. From Christmas shopping to all the family gatherings, we are always in a hurry.  Don’t let the Christmas rush keep you from scheduling a dental appointment.

Remember, early detection and treatment of problems with your gums, teeth, and mouth can help ensure a lifetime of good oral health.

You can schedule an appointment with some of the best dentists in Mexico here.

The perfect gift for this season is a smile, so make sure your smile is brighter than ever.

Look for what you eat and drink.

Most holidays have lots of sweets involved, and the Christmas holidays are not an exception. Make sure you know how to handle them to minimize the damage to your teeth. When you do choose to eat sugary treats, eat a treat or two, then be finished.

As you may know, when you consume sugar, the bacteria in your mouth starts producing acids. These acids then start dissolving your enamel slowly, creating cavities in your teeth which can also cause different dental problems.

This is a daily process that your mouth does every day, however, as in the holiday season our sugar consumption increases, it's crucial to have an oral hygiene routine to avoid dental problems, such as cavities, or tooth decay.

Eating hard candy, like candy canes, can also be a problem for your teeth. This type of candy is definitely tasty, but it can crack your teeth if you bite down wrong. It may be better for you to avoid this type of candy, or let candies dissolve to prevent any chipping or other damage.

Changes in food temperature can also damage your teeth health, as it can increase sensitivity and even inflammation of the blood vessels inside the teeth, so they should be avoided as much as possible. Whenever you drink hot chocolate or coffee, try to drink it warm rather than hot.

On the other side, we recommend you to increase your consumption of food that can be healthy for your teeth. This includes fiber reach food, which can be fruits and vegetables, and also dairy products, like cheese or yogurt, which provides the calcium your teeth need.

You can also try chewing sugar-free gum afterward for 20 minutes to clean teeth and prepare them for brushing. 

Follow your oral hygiene routine.

Brush your teeth: even though it can sound obvious, brushing your teeth at least twice a day helps remove the bacteria in your mouth, protecting it from other oral health diseases.

To properly brush your teeth, you need to use short, gentle strokes, giving extra attention to the gum line, back teeth, and areas around fillings, crowns, or other restoration.

When you brush, take about two minutes to do it, don’t rush. Also, avoid brushing right after eating, especially if you ate something acid. Don’t forget to clean your tongue with a toothbrush or tongue scraper.

Having a brushing routine can remove plaque, which if not removed, combines with sugars to form acids that lead to tooth decay. Bacterial plaque also causes gum disease and other dental diseases. 

Flossing Your Teeth

The bacteria between your teeth and under the gum line can usually be hard to reach with your toothbrush. This is why flossing at least once a day is important.
Keep in mind, as it’s a sensitive area, you need to be gentle while flossing to avoid any possible damage to the gum.

Flossing every day is an effective precaution against gum disease, halitosis, and dental cavities. Dental floss can also help to reduce the incidence of harmful bacteria in the mouth and hence lessens the risk of associated heart disease.

Use mouthwash.

In addition to brushing and flossing, consider using a mouthwash containing fluoride to complete your daily oral health routine.

Mouthwash is also capable of preventing a number of oral health problems before they happen. It can prevent gingivitis and gum disease by killing the bacteria that would otherwise infect the dental sockets and gums. It also prevents the buildup of plaque, strengthens the enamel, and demineralize your teeth, allowing you to prevent tooth decay.

Even though mouthwash is essential to your oral health routine, it can't replace either brushing or flossing. Completing these three activities will help you keep your teeth healthy.

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