We recommend our Los Algodones patients to be cautious with their arrival time – border crossing times may be up to 1 hour or more. Read More

Save Money now for a Better Smile Later

During the past three months, lots of traveling had to be rescheduled due to the actual situation going on around the world. Despite this, lots of people are seeing alternative ways to take in measures. Many travelers are taking advantage of booking and replanning trips to travel, despite the current situation, now or later in the year.

Save money, plan wisely for now or later and save money on trips

Also, it is a good chance to finally start planning a visit abroad to take a health vacation. Since airlines are offering low prices, to travel now or later, it is a good opportunity to book a dentist visit and to continue a dental treatment.

Right now might be a little doubtful to travel outside your country. By taking the right measurements and planning, you can continue visiting your dentists for followups or treat a dental emergency. For those interested in receiving dental care, later on, book a trip ahead.
Take advantage of the affordable prices on many types of reservations.

save money on dental veneers

Save money now for a better smile later

Due to the current situation regarding the COVID-19, measurements when traveling should be taken very seriously. Be responsible, only travel if you and whoever you are traveling with, are healthy and in the right conditions to do so.

We are aware of the current situation and following every recommendation from local, national, and international authorities. With the right planning and measurements, your dental appointment plan can continue with us at Sani Dental Group in both of our locations. We're still open and we care about your dental needs.

Here are some points to take into account:

  • Airline Companies are offering affordable prices from $70 Usd, encourging travelers to take a flight. Purchasing an airline ticket would be a great idea to save money now for later dental trips.
  • If you already had a visit booked with us, we can easily provide you with a supporting document to back up the reason for your visit to Mexico, as a medical essential travel situation.
  • Check with the airline of your preference if it is still possible to travel now. Many airlines are still operating, taking strict measures in airports for traveler's safety. If you already have a scheduled plan and the airline is no longer operating, ask for a rebook flight for later on in the year.
  • Consult your reservations for your stay. If you already had booked with us in one of our hotels Cielito Lindo or La Hacienda, we are still receiving patients to attend their treatments and follow-ups until further notice.
  •  If your hotel reservations were through us with one of the referenced hotels in Cancun Rivera, we inform you that they are still functioning.
  • Shorten waiting times, earliest possible dental treatment.

Waiting times at our clinics have changed and significantly reduced.

Shorten waiting times at the border

Resulting from reduced mobility along the U.S./Mexico border, ensuring essential travel only

*Traveling for medical/dental purposes is considered as essential travel

Search for options when bookings, many are offering high discounts for either a current trip or to fly in a few months.
Take your health and everyone else seriously, follow these simple guidelines always:

1.    Wash your hands as many times
2.    Avoid touching eyes, mouth, and nose
3.    Cover with a tissue or flexed elbow when coughing or sneezing
4.    Maintain a balanced healthy diet
5.    Clean and disinfect areas of common interest, cellphone, locks on doors.

For Sani Dental Group, the overall health of our patients and our staff will always be our priority.

We are still attending patients, and we are taking the correct measures very seriously. Sani Dental Group is monitoring COVID-19 with updates from local, national, and international authorities. We have detailed and thorough plans for patient care and staff. We stand ready to assist our patients and employees.

If you have any questions regarding the information mentioned above, our services, or any other doubt, please call us. We have a whole team of bilingual coordinators ready to assist you.