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Sani Dental Group featured in a recent HuffPost article

For many people, obtaining affordable dental care involves traveling to another country. The number of clinics and cost savings are the main reasons why Americans, and also Canadians travel to different Mexican cities to receive dental treatments.

This practice, well known as dental tourism, has been rising over the years. Many are often amazed by the fact that traveling to Mexico for a dental procedure is more affordable than the price in their local residences, even taking into consideration lodging and transportation, among other expenses.

The international recognition has attracted the attention of several news companies to Sani Dental Group, considered the largest and one of the most prestigious dental groups in the country.

HuffPost, an American news company with localized and international editions, witnessed the practice of Dental Tourism last month when they visited Los Algodones. We are proud that Sani Dental Group has been featured in its last issue. To learn more about the HuffPost article, the city, and its great dental care continue reading.

This past October, the Huffpost crew visited the city of Los Algodones during the peak tourist season. The weather of the town appeals to a number of older tourists from across the United States and Canada all along the winter season, from October to February.

The Place to visit for Dental Work.

The northernmost town in Baja California, Los Algodones, has gained popularity for its convenient location close to the southern borders of California and Arizona. Even it is known by many as Molar City, named after the city's great dental offer.

The article mentions that before crossing the border, travelers can expect a town dedicated to the dental industry. Once you are in the city, this is more evident, as almost in every corner, there is a different dental office.

While strolling the streets, you see advertising signs and people trying to persuade visitors to go to a specific dental office. The dental industry is very competitive in Los Algodones, there are over 300 clinics in this little town.

Besides being a place extremely easy to reach for Americans, the surprisingly low prices are definitely the attractiveness of the town.
The HuffPost issue quotes the comments made from actual patients who spoke about the difficulty of obtaining dental care in their hometowns, without insurance is almost impossible.

Even with medical insurance because it usually does not cover dental expenses, and when patients need major procedures, it’s just too expensive.

Visiting Mexico for dental purposes is probably the best decision patients can make to save thousands of dollars.

From simple procedures like regular cleanings and teeth whitening or more extended ones like dental implants or root canals, cost savings are significant. A dental implant in America can cost patients up to 2,500 dlls, which is more than double than they pay in Mexico for an implant.

Patients usually save up to 70% on dental procedures. Many might think that with the extremely accessible prices, there must be something wrong with dentists in Mexico. The truth is, there are several reasons why dental care is much more low cost in Mexico than in other countries but any of those reasons have to do with compromising quality.

The cost of dental education, lower operation, and labor costs are among the reasons why dental practice is less expensive in Mexico.

The article mentions how current Sani Dental Group patients have found a solution to their dental needs and been able to restore their smile thanks to the doctors’ professionalism and the variety of dental specialties our clinics offer them.

For travelers, the last thing they want to do is to struggle in an unfamiliar country. This is something we at Sani Dental Group understand well. Besides taking care of their oral needs, we offer every additional service someone may need during their dental trip.

Plus, an on-site laboratory enables us to provide patients with crowns and bridges faster and in the same place without a need to visit another office.

Before starting their dental trip, individuals are assisted by a whole team of bilingual patient coordinators prepared to answer all of their questions and doubts.

All Sani Dental Group patients can feel secure during their dental vacation. We arrange transportation for them. If the patient desire, a member of the Sani Dental Group staff can pick them up in the nearby airports or at the border, then take them directly to any of our clinics, thus ensuring their safety and comfort.

Also, we have lodging options where every Sani Dental Group patient is eligible to receive special rates.

As mentioned in the HuffPost article, most people who travel for treatment, come for major restorative dental work. Patients need to be comfortable during their stay while receiving their procedure.

Also, the article provides an overview of the city's activity. While it is true that Los Algodones is completely dedicated to the dental industry, and is a calm town, travelers also can expect to have a great time. Most people are bilingual and very helpful. Visitors can enjoy a nice traditional dish and coffee in the city square, MediPlaza.

Another top Dental Destination

For those who are looking to receive treatment and make a vacation out of it, we have good news. Sani Dental Group has a clinic in Cancun Playa Car. An exciting destination option for those wanting to get a healthier smile, and make more of their dental trip, enjoying the beach and natural environments.

Although it is a new location and clinic, patients can expect the same high-quality procedures, qualified dentists, and great care that identifies Sani Dental Group.

For those who live near the East Coast, they will want to visit a dentist in Cancun Riviera. The international airport in the city of Cancun, offers numerous connections, making it accessible for them.

If you are traveling for a procedure to Cancun, you may want to take a few days for a quick vacation right? The various beaches surrounding, the Mayan ruins and the delicious Mexican food will make you going to wish you stay there a little longer.

Two different destinations and three clinics, allow us to keep helping many each year obtain quality dental care at a price they can afford.

We know traveling to another country can be intimidating for some people, especially when it’s for health purposes. We are very glad that more and more news companies like HuffPost are interested in the dental industry in Mexico. Therefore, more people find out about the great professionals there are in this country, and encouraged to visit for a dental vacation.