MediPlaza Los Algodones: The Most Important Touristic Location in Town

Los Algodones is a small town located on the border with Mexico. With more than 300 dental clinics, this place has become an important touristic location that receives thousands of people around the world.

If you’ve visited this town before, you know that it’s easy to walk around and explore within a couple of hours. Although some places and events can catch your eye, MediPlaza Los Algodones is the current important entertainment and relaxing center in the city.

What looks like any other plaza is an experience full of fun activities from day to night. What may start with a delicious cup of coffee may also end with margaritas before bed.

If you thought dental vacations are not meant to be fun, MediPlaza is the place to prove you wrong.

 Everything you need during your stay in Los Algodones is literally in this place and we are about to show you why this is the most important touristic location in town!


Food & Beverages

Let’s start with the places where you can get your daily snacks, food, and drinks.

On the first floor, you will find around the plaza is a cute little coffee shop. My Daily Treat serves your coffee in different presentations and flavors and tasty desserts to accompany your favorite drink.

Enjoy your cup of coffee sitting and relaxing inside the shop listening to a jazzy playlist or outside in the patio during springtime. It is the perfect place to find the caffeine morning boost you need before dental work!

Right next to it, you will find the Quick Bites Deli where you can find healthy snacks that can go from a baguette to a tasty salad.

Discover a variety of combinations that include your favorite fresh vegetables and protein, having delicious meal options for those who are vegetarians.

However, if what you’re looking for is to sit, relax, and have an authentic Mexican food meal Mi Casa es Su Casa is the best option to visit, also located inside MediPlaza. It is one of the largest restaurants in Los Algodones, having a wide variety of your favorite dishes from breakfast to dinner.   

The restaurant also counts with a soft food menu, vegetarian options, and a specialty drinks menu for those who are trying to find the best margaritas in town. Happy Hour starts from 12 pm to 1 pm.


Having a bite inside MediPlaza Los Algodones is a must while on your dental vacation!


Medical Facilities

If you thought Los Algodones only offers dental services, you will be very interested to know that this is not a true statement. Inside the MediPlaza, you can find medical facilities that you will not be able to anywhere else in town.

Feeling younger before you return home is possible by visiting Baja Surgery Center. Also located inside the plaza, the only ambulatory surgery center in town can help you diagnose and treat diverse conditions involving the areas of orthopedics, urology, otorhinolaryngology, and general surgery.

It is also a well-known place to receive beauty and aesthetic treatments and procedures that can help you remove facial wrinkles and scars such as chemical peelings, Botox, and dermal fillers with Hyaluronic Acid.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical procedures are also offered by this medical facility, helping thousands of patients a year achieve the goals and quality of life they deserve.

Talking about the quality of life, Giostar the world’s leader stem cell research company is also inside this plaza providing stem cell therapy to patients from all over the world.

The stem cell therapy provided at this medical facility helps patients to slow down the symptoms of degenerative diseases and muscular injuries. It also works as an anti-aging procedure, helping you to live longer and proper lives using advanced technology and quality care.

Pure O2 Hyperbaric Medicine is another medical facility you can find in this plaza. With an Oxygen session, you can reduce inflammation, speed up the treatment of injuries, and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal.

It is an ideal treatment for those who undergo a surgical procedure during their visit to Mexico, improving your overall well-being with a non-invasive therapy.

20/20 Vision Center is a great option to receive optical care. Here, you could be able to check your vision with a free eye exam and get a new pair of glasses from a wide variety of the top brands in the market. Sunglasses are also available in different styles and brands at the best prices in town.

The #1 Dental Clinic in Los Algodones is also a part of the MediPlaza, located just outside of the building. Sani Dental Group offers a wide range of dental treatments such as dental implants, veneers, crowns, and more and helps around 10,000 international patients a year to get the smile of their dreams.

In addition to the professional staff of this dental clinic, they also count on numerous certifications, continuous education from our dentists and equipped facilities with cutting-edge technology. They have also expanded to a new location in the Cancun Area, is one of the largest dental groups around the country.


As we said before, indeed, Los Algodones is mostly known for its many dental clinics, but inside the MediPlaza, you will find much more medical procedures that will not only help you complement your dental treatment but also works as an affordable alternative to many other procedures done in the United States and Canada.




Located on the second floor of the most touristic location in town, you will find five-star service accommodation.

Cielito Lindo Hotel is one of the top hotels in where you’ll find the warmth and comfort to relax during your medical vacations. The rooms inside this lodging facility are carefully cleaned and decorated with Mexican handcrafted elements that will make you feel in peace just like home.

Enjoy one of the Los Algodones beautiful sunsets from the terrace bar of the hotel while sitting back and relax at one of the bubbly Jacuzzis. Have a restful night after a long day of treatments and wake up in the heart of the city to be just in time for your medical appointments.


Special prices are available for all patients who count on an appointment with any of the medical clinics inside the plaza. So if you’re coming to Los Algodones and are staying the night, ask at the front desk for their unique promotions.

More Fun Activities

If what you are looking for is to relax after a long day of dental treatments Timeless Hair Salon & Spa will be the right place for you to visit. You will find health and beauty treatments to treat your hair, skin, and body with a peaceful and memorable experience.

The masseuses and cosmeticians will help you relax your mind and body combining traditional spa methods with modern beauty techniques. Get an amazing makeover with a modern haircut, combined with new colors and highlights with the help of their Hair Stylist expert.

The best spa in Los Algodones is ready to give you the healing transformation you are waiting for.

Next to the spa, is located the best place to find souvenirs for your family and friends. At La Mexicana Jewelry and Clothing you can get a wide variety of traditional Mexican items. Visit this place to get beautiful clothing, jewelry, wallets, bags, home décor, and many more curiosities.

The hardest decision you will make is choosing which items you will be bringing back home, so make enough room in your luggage when you visit!

A convenience store and pharmacy are also located here. One-Stop Mini Mart & Pharmacy will help you with your medical prescriptions, offering great expert advice from our pharmacists and affordable prices.

One-Stop also has you covered for any cravings during your vacation in Molar City. Here you will be able to buy groceries, snacks, candy, soft drinks, tobacco products, and even liquor. It is all in one place!

And last but least, we have a shop full of adventures inside. MomenTours is the only place in Los Algodones that organizes fun trips to sightseeing places around Los Algodones.

From a full adrenaline day at the Cuervitos Dunes to a fun and romantic wine tasting experience, their wonderful staff will plan a once in a lifetime adventure with your family and friends to amazing places. Special packages for trips may apply for groups, so don’t hesitate in asking at the front desk of the premises.

Visiting the biggest plaza in Los Algodones is one of the most complete experiences a medical tourist can undergo, having everything at their disposal just a few steps away.


Explore and discover by your own experience MediPlaza Los Algodones, the most important touristic location in town.


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