How to afford to go to the dentist after the pandemic?

The cost of dental care in other countries as the States is the main reason people continue to postpone going to the dentist.

With the elevated costs of treatments like dental implants, and veneers, getting dental care may seem non-viable for many people, especially in today’s economical climate, and after the pandemic. Even with insurance, very few procedures are the ones covered.

Everyone deserves quality and accessible care. With Mexico Dentist Prices, this is possible. Traveling for treatment has become very popular among patients looking to attend their dental needs. By visiting a dental clinic in Mexico, patients have found a solution to take of their dental problems without spending a lot of money.

Forget about having to postpone visiting the dentist these days.

How much can you save with Mexico Dentist Prices?

Mexico Dentist Prices is the biggest benefit for dental tourists. Besides affordable prices, patients can expect to receive quality and lasting dental solutions. By visiting the best facility in Mexico, patients can rest assured they’re in the right place to change their smiles.

Before choosing a clinic, we recommend always make some research about the procedures offered and their costs. This to make sure they can meet your needs and to get a better idea on how much the procedure will cost.

See it for yourself. Please keep in mind the following are the average price for some procedures at our clinic.


Cost in the States

Cost in Canada

Our prices

Dental Crown (composite)




Full Dentures




Dental Implants




Root Canal












All on 4 dental implants


$30 000



These are the prices of some of the most common dental procedures patients look abroad. Certainly, the difference is significant.

Talking of health issues, like oral health, some needs cannot be set aside.  Take a look at all the procedures you can receive at a fair price. 

Affordable yet Excellence in Dental Care

There are many doubts and questions concerning how safe is traveling to Mexico for any treatment.

Los Algodones and Playa del Carmen are the major cities of Mexico for Dental Tourism. Patients can expect to find qualified specialists, but also bilingual staff, as they have many years receiving dental tourists from around the world. With this, patients can be confident that they will feel comfortable and heard even in a dental clinic far away from home.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, safety protocols and measures were implemented immediately at both locations. Such attempts led to a lower registered number of cases, with very little tourism activity.

Besides finding all the procedures that patients can get in their local dental clinic, most dental clinics in Mexico use the latest technology in dentistry to provide complete dental care.

This is the case of Sani Dental Group, where the dentist uses different materials to create dental implants, crowns, and bridges. From the most common material, as titanium to others like porcelain and zirconia to restore the smile of many.

Not all clinics in Mexico can guarantee long-lasting solutions. Only the best will offer years of warranty on their treatments and have credentials to back their experience and commitment to patients.

These are the Sani Dental Group Credentials which give us the opportunity to build trusts among our patients:

  • ADA
  • MTA
  • BBB
  • CMTM
  • GCR
  • COVID-19 Trust Shield

This last credential, as a result of adapting our operations to ensure a safe environment for both patients and staff.

Dental Insurance for Dental Work in Mexico

“Can I use dental insurance?” This is a popular question we get. The answer is yes, patients from the US and Canada often use their dental insurance for dental work in Mexico.

Once the patient decided what dental clinic in Mexico they’ll visit for dental care, it is best to ask them if they accept dental insurance. The next step will be to contact the dental insurance company to know if your insurance plan, covers treatment in Mexico and how much it can covers.

Although we do not work directly with insurance companies, we offer to help our patients to fill out all necessary paperwork for them to submit and get reimbursement. Making this process the easiest for all Sani Dental Group patients. 

While it is true that traveling to other countries implies additional costs, by visiting the right clinic in Mexico, it is still possible to afford dental treatments and save money, including travel expenses.

Get to know what some of our former patients had to say about how their experience was traveling for dental work in Mexico during these days. 


On top of choosing the largest dental group in the country, by choosing Sani Dental Group, you are choosing to have the most pleasant and complete experience. Just like we help you with all the dental insurance paperwork, we help to arrange your transportation and lodging.

Whether you choose to visit Los Algodones or Playa del Carmen, we have a whole team that specializes in patient communication. We ensure that everything is ready before and during your trip.

Oral needs must be treated right away to prevent more serious problems. Call us today (928)-257-1307. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you today or at a date considered more convenient. 

Disclaimer: Open dentist to help you with your dental needs. We are taking additional special measures following CDC recommendations to ensure your health and safety.