Gold Cup Parade Day

Gold Cup Parade Day

An exciting celebration is hapening in Canada, Gold Cup Parade Day; is celebrated mainly in the city of Charlottetown on the third Friday in August. We can expect many extraordinary shows, cars and of course races! This event is often considered the last celebration of the summer, is so popular that it is even broadcasted in television.

Gold Cup Parade Day

This great island tradition started more than 60 years ago and was founded by Frank Acorn and Bill Hancox. Sani Dental Group invites Charlottetown citizens to enjoy the celebration, both the Saucer Race (1960) and the Gold Cup Parade (1962), spend time with your family and friends and if you can participate in a race. Every year hundreds of participants enter their cars to the competition, traveling through the routes and offering fun and thrills for children and adults of all ages. The parades will feature numerous of outdoor activities, some of these will be:

  • Antique Cars
  • Clowns
  • Floats
  • Giant Balloons
  • Horses
  • Marching Bands

This is not the first time Prince Edward Island hosted the competition and you can be sure that it won’t be de last. The island’s capital, Charlottetown is a modest size town you can approach either by land, sea or air.

Also the city of Charlottetown offers several cultural and sporting events. For years, Prince Edward Island has incorporated in their public education systems the importance of art, music, creative writing and culture; for the island these areas are significant, areas where they pay close attention to.

Several famous characters have come from the island, characters like: Elmer Blaney Harris, Gene MacLellan, his daughter Catherine MacLellan, or Stompin' Tom Connors; these are only some of the names of Prince Edward Island famous artists.

During the summer, water sports are very popular on Prince Edward Island, sports are so popular that Prince Edward Island has hosted Canada Winter Games, Canada Summer Games and several noticeable NHL players have come from this providence.

We hope you enjoy this upcoming Gold Cup Parade, we know that for many this will be the last summer event you will be able to enjoy with family and friends. If you can, try to get to Charlottetown as early as possible; the giant balloons, band members and floats will be seen and begin to pass through the streets early on Friday’s morning.

Sani Dental Group wants you have fun and enjoy the event and if by any reason an accident occurs we invite you to visit our dental clinic in the city of Los Algodones. Here, our professional dentist can assist you with all your dental needs; we have more than 25 professional dentists, whom will gladly assist, protect your smile and prevent oral diseases. Visit our site and set-up an appointment, we will take care of any emergency.

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