Dental Implants Algodones Mexico: Reviews, Prices, and Advantages

Nowadays, dental implants are one of the best techniques available in dentistry to help someone recover their lost smile. The benefits of this procedure are many, both cosmetic and fuctional.

Choosing the right dental office to undergo a dental procedure sometimes can be a little more complicated than many of us think. Trusting someone with your smile is not an easy decision for some people.

If you or one of your loved ones is about to begin this journey, we’d love to give you some useful advices to make this task easier and comfortable for you. Learn everything you need to know about the dental implants procedure.

Know Your Options


By now, you might know that dental implants it’s the perfect treatment according to your needs, but where to go to get the treatment you deserve?

By doing an Internet research you're likely to find many good choices that may seem attractive, but how do you know which is the best option?

We invite you to keep three aspects in mind: the clinic's experience, their results, and what others say. We're sure that after looking for this information, you'll be able to make a decision.

Some may think that the best clinics have the highest prices, but we're glad to inform you that that's not completely true.

We know that you have a limited budget, and we know the perfect place you can go without exceeding that budget.

Did you know there's a place worldwide known as Molar City? Yes, Los Algodones is the capital of dental tourism.

Thousands of people visit this town daily to treat every kind of dental needs, everything from teeth cleaning to dental implants and dental bridges. 

We can assure you that by visiting Sani Dental Group, you're visiting the largest dental group in Los Algodones, with more than 35 years of experience. Plus, Sani Dental Group follows the safety guidelines of the American Dental Association (ADA) as well as the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). 

Affordable Dental Care in Mexico

But, where is Los Algodones located? This small town is located in Baja California, Mexico at the California – Arizona border. It is seven miles west of the city of Yuma, AZ.

Los Algodones receives visitors from all over the world, but due to its proximity to The U.S., it's likely common to find Canadians and Americans among the thousands of people that cross the border every day.

Dental Implants Algodones Mexico has been one of the reasons behind the remarkable popularity of this little town among foreigners. As visitors have found that when visiting Los Algodones, they can save a significant amount of money, as this procedure is usually very expensive in their home countries. 

Los Algodones has always been a town devoted to its visitors, and once you visit you’ll probably won’t feel the need to leave. There's not only more than 300 dental clinics to choose from, there's also many more activities to do while in town: like shopping, rest or eat traditional Mexican food!

We invite you to read 10 Reasons Why Los Algodones is The Best Place To Get Dental Work, you'll realize why this amazing town is the place to go.

Dental Implants in Algodones Mexico

Like we just said, thousands of people visit Los Algodones, Mexico every day, and proximity is not the only reason. It can be hard to choose where to go among the hundreds of clinics in town because each one offers a totally different experience. But since you're looking for the best in town, choose the one you feel secure and welcome.

Plus, by coming down to Sani Dental Group you can save up 70% in dental implants or any other dental procedure. Compare the prices yourself with the table above:

Service Price in the US Price in Mexico
Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only) starting at $2,250.00 $790
Standard Implant Crown (including abutment) staring at $1,650.00 $670
Bone graft (per unit) $1,600.00 $400
Sinus Lifting staring at $3,600.00 $700
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 2 implants) $2,550.00 $2,550
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 3 implants) $12,300.00 $3,650
"All on Four" System with Acrylic Hybrid Fixed Denture (upper arch or lower arch) $27,000.00 $8,110
"All on Six" System with MegaGen Implants (upper arch or lower arch) $23,500.00 $7,980
"All on Six" System with Nobel Biocare Implants (upper arch or lower arch) $29,000.00 $11,280

Besides the accessible prices of dental implants in Los Algodones, the results with this procedure are great. Patients can recover the stability in their mouths, and the posts look like natural teeth.

As the implants are attached to the jawbone, they're able to recover their ability to chew any type of food without worrying about having a broken tooth. 

Check out the following review's of former Sani Dental Group patients: 

"All doctors in this process were very friendly and professional, the discomfort was absolute minimum( Would not even say pain. Best dental experience i have ever had." -Stan Fliflet February, 18th, 2020.

Sani Dental Group is the largest clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico, with 2 clinics in town and more than 30 specialists at your disposal, we're sure you'll have the time of your life during your dental vacation. 35 years of experience in dentistry make Sani Dental Group one of the bests in town!

Give us a call today, one of our patient coordinators will give you all the information you need. We invite you to read our patients’ reviews and see our price list. Compare yourself how much you can save!

Don't hesitate and get the smile you deserve! Once you arrive to Los Algodones, Mexico you’ll see that this is the right place.

Disclaimer: Open dentist to help you with your dental needs. We are taking additional special measures following CDC recommendations to ensure your health and safety.