Cancun Riviera: More than a Tourist Destination

More and more foreigners, mostly Americans, seek a place outside their country of residence for retirement. Not very far from home, Mexico has become a favorite location for retirees.

The warm climate, crystalline waters, and abundant nature are only a few examples of what makes the Riviera Maya the perfect location not only for visiting, for living too.

So whether looking for a place to retire or somewhere to spend unforgettable vacations, Cancun is certainly more than a tourist destination. 

Known for being almost 100 miles long, and its all-inclusive resorts, but where exactly is it located?

The Riviera is completely within the state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Most visitors arrive at the Cancun International Airport. One of the benefits of traveling to Cancun: it’s airline access. Like almost every major airline fly to the city, Americans find it very easy and also affordable to take a direct flight from their residence to Cancun.

For those who want to vacation, they have the convenience to enter and legally remain in Mexico with a valid passport for 180 days. This tourist visa, it’s the perfect option for staying on a vacation without worrying about applying for a resident visa.

It is important to mention that when arriving in the country by air, a passport book is required for air travel to and from the United States.

For those looking to retire in a beautiful location like it is Cancun, applying for a temporary visa will be needed. This visa lasts for up to four years. Visiting or contacting the nearest Mexican consulate is the first step to begin the process.

It may sound like it is a complicated process, but there is no need to worry, by gathering all the paperwork required, it should be fine. Eligibility depends if the applicant has the income requirements, validating that they can support as a retiree in the country.

For a longer period of four years, a permanent resident visa it’s needed.

 The ideal location not only for visiting, for living too.


The region is characterized by its tropical climate throughout the year. The temperature rises to almost 90°F during March, April, and May. As for November to February, known as the dry season, the average temperature is 64°F.

And there is the rainy season, with peaks occurring at the begging of June and the end of September.

When people ask when the best season to be in Cancun is, the answer would be that it depends on each individual’s preference.

Between the months of September and December, there are no rains. And for those looking to take advantage of the sunny days, the perfect time would be from mid-March to late May.

If you're considering living in Cancun for a period of time, you’ll be amazed by the lovely weather and natural environment, either in the dry or rainy season, the overall nature that surrounds the Riviera it's amazing.

Besides, its beautiful beaches and amazing resorts, being in Cancun gives you access to modern malls and international cuisine.

The area in Playa del Carmen it's different from any other region. Most of the downtown is a walkable distance, so there is no need to worry about crazy taxi expenses. Plus, you get to enjoy a nice walk with a gorgeous view.

Is it really more economical living in Cancun Mexico?

Many foreigners, especially Americans and Canadians, are surprised to realize that by living in Cancun Mexico, they are choosing to save money.

This is true. The main reason is the exchange rate between the peso and U.S Dollars.

As the Riviera has gained popularity and has become the top destination in the country, there are more and more incredible resorts and hotels that will make your vacations at Cancun, unforgettable.

Being a place dedicated to tourism, there are many accommodation options. From lower costs hotels to the “all-inclusive” hotels, what remains constant is the warm, and excellent care travelers received.

For those considering retiring and living in Cancun Mexico, they can take advantage of some great real estate deals near Cancun, like Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Playa del Carmen is as near as a 40-minute ride from the airport in Cancun and it can be an affordable option to rent. Also, as it is close to modern conveniences, stores, Cancun dental clinics, and beautiful beaches, to satisfy any need of every retiree.

For example, renting a two-bedroom department could be $900 dlls per month. For those interested in living in Cancun Mexico for a longer period of time, a two-bed condo for $200,000 dlls it's a great deal. This is an estimate from the international living real estate.

Expenses could increase considering groceries, management services, among other things, and of course, each individual’s needs. However, it’s still is an attractive and accessible option for many.

What about Health Care?

Thinking about receiving medical care abroad, should not be stressful, although it should be considered before traveling or living in Cancun Mexico.

First of all, it should be clear that health care in Mexico is very good and in popular tourist destinations, such as Cancun, health care it’s often great. For example, the dental industry in Mexico is recognized globally as a leader, being one of the top dental destinations.

In addition to finding quality care and procedures, travelers are often surprised by the cost of health care in Mexico, as it is typically less of what they are accustomed to paying in their country of residence.

There is public and private care. For tourists and temporary visitors, it is recommended to travel with their medical insurance.

Public care is often accessible to almost everyone. However, private hospitals and facilities provide a more comfortable option for patients, with personal care and shorter waiting times.

Many doctors studied and continue their training in the States.

This is important for several reasons. First, this ensures patients are treated by some who is bilingual, facilitating communication, thus avoiding misunderstandings between patient and doctor.

Secondly, patients will receive care by qualified professionals in constant preparation to provide the best care.

Mexico stands out as a leader in the Dental Industry


As mentioned before, Mexico is a place that people decide to visit for receiving different treatments, especially to receive dental care.

Among the popular dental treatments are dental implants, crowns, and full-mouth restoration procedures. Mainly, these procedures are usually very expensive and they’re not included in the insurance coverage.

By visiting a Cancun dental clinic, patients have the possibility to save up to 70% on treatments, like the ones mentioned before, and still be confident they have quality and long-lasting results.

So for those looking to live in Cancun for some time, and in need of some extensive dental work, it is the perfect opportunity to take care of their needs. As commonly, these procedures require several visits with rest periods in between.

And for those who are vacationing in the Riviera, and want to take advantage of the great care, and also the great prices, visiting a Cancun dental clinic for simple procedures, it’s an option to consider.

Here are some of the procedures and their respective costs, for a better idea of how much can cost you.

Besides looking for accessible prices and a wide range of treatments, it is a must to consider if the dentist in Cancun who is performing the procedure offers any warranty.

One of the many benefits of visiting a facility like Sani Dental Group is that patients can have peace of mind concerning the treatment they're going to receive, as we offer up to 5 years of full warranty on any dental procedure.

Sani Dental Group has more than three decades providing quality dental solutions to foreign patients. The years of experience, and our commitment to patients' safety and comfort, have made us one of the most prestigious dental clinics in the country.

We can assure that your visit to our clinic will contribute to the great experience that awaits you at Cancun. Whether you are visiting a shorter time or wanting to retire in Mexico, this place will meet all your needs, including having the perfect healthy smile you deserve.

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full-mouth-makeover-cancunWe're pretty sure that with all this information we prove that Cancun is more than a tourist destination. It could be the perfect place for retirement. Call us at 928-257-42-84, our team of patients coordinators is prepared to give you more information about this destination, Cancun dental treatments, and more. 


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