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When seeking information about a place, whether is a restaurant, gym, or any business offering a service, it is highly important to consult and obtain first-hand opinions. To get a better insight and, therefore, make a better decision. When it comes to choosing a place for medical treatment, doing some research is the right way to go, and what better way than reading reviews from former patients.

First-hand recommendations are the most honest and pure reviews of any kind.

Sani Dental Group is the most qualified dental clinic in the Riviera Maya, Offering different treatments with highly experienced dentists. Sani Dental Group has become the best dental facility in the area and one of the most recognized in Mexico.

Sani is widely recognized by numerous associations giving its official credibility in the medical area. The following are some of the associations that certify our clinic  

  • Medical Tourism Association
  • American Dental Association
  •  International Accredited Clinic
Following the latest prevention protocols for Covid-19, Sani Dental Group has earned the Covid-19 TRUST SHIELD. All these certifications work to ensure the patient's trust. When new patients visit our clinic, either in Los Algodones or in Cancun Riviera location, they instantly know they are in good hands.

From the pick-up shuttle to the welcoming receptionists, and through the whole dental process, the complete experience makes going to the dentist enjoyable and comfortable. The staff is always open to resolve any doubt you may have. Doctors guide you through the whole dental procedure, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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The Dentist is your friend

The whole staff is very professional and focused on bringing you the best treatment and results. Yet patients always tell us how comfortable and naturally friendly the team is. "Doctors behave as our real friends and make it easy to ask questions along the way and make interesting conversation"

Patient Richard Rodrigo traveled from the United States to get attention from our specialist. Interested in crowns and a root canal, he told us, "I hate going to the dentist because there is never good news and it's very boring".

During his whole treatment, Richard got along very well with Dr. Pamela. "it's not usual to establish an interesting conversation with a doctor, nor a friendly personal one" He mentioned.

Richard was satisfied with the results and with the overall experience during his visit.

When visiting a Sani Dental Group dentist, you can expect to find professionals individuals. Yet our doctors also like to be down to earth and establish a friendly connection with patients. This helps them feel comfortable and make the treatment pleasant in all ways.

Patient Richard Rodrigo wrote this on our website:


dentist reviews in Cancun

Our Doctors are SUPERSTARS!

If dentists were celebrities, Sani Dental Group would be Hollywood.

The clinic is the most complete dental facility in Mexico. Over 30 years of experience with a team of specialists who are graduates from the best universities of Mexico. They have taken courses in distinguished institutions. Including Harvard School of Dental Medicine, International Center of Laser Education, and MegaGen Implants Factory in Seoul, Korea.

Patient Jody Johnsen had visited more than 15 Cancun dental specialists to treat her dental needs, including dentists in Costa Rica. She told us no one wanted to treat her because she had a "complex situation". An acquaintance told her about Sani Dental and she immediately decided to visit us at Cancun.

Her dental needs were complex but nothing our specialists couldn't give a solution to. She needed comprehensive dental work including, a barrier membrane, bone graft, stem cell for bone generation, and implants.

She was surprised when Dr. Rivas gave her a solution for every treatment she needed. She was informed of the treatment options, along with a wide explanation of how and why. Our specialists started working right away. Dr. Luis on the surgical procedures, and Dr. Genaro on aesthetics. Satisfied with the results, she told us her contentment on her 2-week journey. And how the trip was totally worth it. Her procedure was complex, yet nothing impossible for our doctors.

Jody Johnsen wrote this on our website:

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"I can buy a new car with the money we saved"

Many patients get amazed at how affordable dental work is in Mexico. And it's no surprise since the cost of the procedures are up to 70% cheaper than inside the United States. Especially when having an extensive dental treatment like implants, dentures, bone grafting, and many others.

Sani Dental Group receives over 10,000 new patients every year in both locations, Los Algodones and Cancun Riviera. Sani Dental Group is well known for giving foreign patients access to quality dentistry. The same who are looking for more affordable prices without having to sacrifice top quality standards in results.

Jennifer Pitkin and Charles Kamody have been patients for quite a few times at Sani. This year they were in Cancun and decided to pay a quick dental visit to the new Sani facility for crowns and a root canal. Happy for how much money they saved on dental work, even being on vacation they said: "we can buy a new car with the money we saved, HONESTLY!"

"Great experience just as good if not better than at home" they added.

Jennifer Pitkin and Charles Kamody gave us this review on video

The Dentists are even better than in the USA!

Besides having accessible prices, Mexico has the world's most certified dental specialist. There is a big lie of medical tourism not being secure. We at Sani Dental Group assure our standards are up to many patients' expectations in lots of ways.

What differs us from the competition are very important variables like:
• Dentists specialists
• Hygienic protocols
• International Certifications
• Complex dental procedures
Our dear patient Roberta Moore was nervous about traveling abroad for dental work. She searched online and came across our webpage to read the reviews. She gained the trust and decided to visit Sani's facility in Cancun while enjoying a vacation.
Our patient told us how she was very nervous at first. She said, "the dentists were as competent or perhaps even a higher quality". She expressed how nervous it was at first, but got very comfortable when the dentists explained very carefully the procedure, results, and explained the options to her.
When it comes to health, everybody deserves the best in care. It shouldn't be impossible to attend your dental needs. Besides the fact that you can save a lot of money, why not take advantage of the trip and make it a vacation? Mexico is the country to visit to enjoy a peaceful time while still taking care of your dental needs. Amazing traditional food, great people, and fun things to do.
With 30 years of receiving patients from all over the world, giving them the smiles they always dream of, people choose Sani Dental Group, for our amazing group of trained doctors, and our top facilities.With three clinics in two different destinations. Los Algodones, and Cancun Riviera, we're proud to be the largest and one of the most prestigious dental clinics in Mexico.
Sani Dental guarantees the work you will be receiving is high quality, from the materials used, equipment, dentists, staff, location. All together to add up to a world-class dental clinic experience.
Are you ready to see the best dentist in Cancun? Call us at (928)-257-1307. We will be happy to assist you!

Disclaimer: Open dentist to help you with your dental needs. We are taking additional special measures following CDC recommendations to ensure your health and safety.