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Social Responsibility

Smiles That Make a Difference

Smiles that make a difference

For Sani Dental Group, providing smiles to our patients is not enough. We believe that as the largest dental group in Los Algodones, we have a responsibility to the town, its people, and its visitors. With this in mind, at Sani Dental Group, we've integrated to our mission the making of a positive impact on the community we serve. Here are the actions we've taken to return to Los Algodones some of the much this town has given to us.

Brighter Smiles for the Little Ones

As part of our mission of making a difference through smiles, on March 14 th , 2016, Sani Dental Group offered a dental hygiene class in the elementary school of Los Algodones. With the participation of D.D.S. Noemi Espinoza, children learned the importance of oral care and how to do it properly. There were many doubts about how to brush that were answered by the dentist, leaving every kid in the classroom with more knowledge about how to keep a bright smile and a new toothbrush to apply what they learned.

Special thanks to the Miguel Hidalgo Elementary School for letting us share the importance of dental health with its students. We hope to be back soon and keep making a difference.

Los Algodones Fundraising Event 2016

On January 22nd, 2016, Sani Dental Group conducted the first fundraising event in Los Algodones. It was the proof of how much we can achieve if we are together. The cause of the event was to support to Take My Hand, a daycare house which offers daycare services for children whose parents cannot afford it in Los Algodones. Through the event, the attendants were able to enjoy a wide variety of artistic performances, while helping us to raise funds for a better home for children.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without all the sponsors, volunteers, staff members, and artists who believed in the cause and showed their support. Thanks for being part and helping us to make smiles that make a difference.

Children's Day Celebration at Take My Hand Daycare.

On April 30th, we visited Take My Hand Daycare in Los Algodones, Mexico, to celebrate Children’s Day. We really enjoyed the time we spent there playing with the kids, hitting the piñata, and eating a delicious chocolate cake. They were so happy to have us there that we felt truly happy to keep sharing these moments and creating memories for these amazing children. We’d like to thank Delia Parra for giving us the opportunity to share this special day with the kids, and we hope to be back soon and keep creating smiles that make a difference.


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