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Bud Prete

Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada / 04 Apr 2014










My wife and I went into Sani Dental Group to have dental work done. After x-rays, they told my wife that her teeth were fine and that I needed two root canals, two posts, a bridge and eight crowns, the bridge counting as a crown. I had made an appointment asking for one root canal for sure, possibly two, and six crowns. Two of my teeth were cracked that I was not aware of and also needed crowns. A lady dentist did the root canals and the posts on a Thursday morning. Her husband, Dr. De Santiago, prepared the crowns, the bridge and put on the temporary crowns in the afternoon of the first appointment. I could have gone back on Saturday for the permanent crowns, but choose to visit family on the week end. I had a lot of pain from the teeth that had root canals for a day or two. I went back for the crowns Monday. The crowns needed some adjustments, so I went back Tuesday for the permanent crowns. I went back on Thursday to have a very small adjustment made. My crowns look great and are working well. I was worried about going into Mexico to have my teeth done. I was not worried after we arrived as there were as many Americans and Canadians on the streets as there were Mexicans. Mexican customs did not even check our passports when we walked across the border and two blocks to our dentist. The facility was very clean and the price was great.


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