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Nobel Biocare: Who are They?

Nobel Biocare: Who are They?

Published on: - By: Carlos Brian Hernandez

How well do you recognize a brand? Many of recognize the common brands use in clothing, electronics and even movies; but when it comes to things like medical products, how good do you really know them? Not many know the brands our doctors’ use on us, the quality these brands offer and how they benefit us. In this post we will get to know better a brand that dentist use Nobel Biocare. Who is this brand and why do so many dentist trust them?

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is the world leader in dental restorations, their headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland. With services available in more than 80 countries, they are capable of doing everything from single-tooth implants to full-mouth implants. Nobel offer all their patients dental implants systems, high-precision individualized prosthetics and CAD/CAM systems; in addition Nobel offers you diagnostics, treatment planning, guided surgery solutions and biomaterials. Nobel supports patients through all their needs throughout their professional and practice development.

Nobel Products

Nobel Biocare primary products include:

Patient Resources

Nobel Biocare is proud of their products and how these have improve the quality of their patients’ life, through their wide range of dental options, Nobel can treat more patients better. “Whether patients are missing a single tooth in the posterior, demand a highly esthetic anterior restoration, or need a full-jaw restoration in order to speak and eat properly again: we have the products to treat them safely and efficiently.”

After an extensive research, Sani Dental Group discover Nobel Biocare and their products. Sani discovered the benefits Nobel offers and how their osseo-integrate products have reduces the need of obtaining extra bone from another part of the body, bone graft. The largest dental clinic in Los Algodones, invites you to come and see for yourself all the benefit Sani Dental Group and Nobel Biocare take care of all your oral needs.

Every year 15 million people in the U.S. have crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth, many of these dentists have chosen Nobel Biocare; taking advantage of their high quality standards, faster recovery, positive outcomes and overall outstanding results. Through Nobel Guide Software human error is eliminated from the process and allows for accurate diagnostics, identification of viable bone, and the virtual projection of the solution, based on the needs of the patient and anatomical situation of his or her teeth.

Today patients don’t have to settle for removable denture, now they have the option Nobel Biocare and Sani Dental Group; visit our site to learn more and see why Nobel is the best solution for all your dental implant needs.

Carlos Brian Hernandez

Marketing Associate
Cal State San Bernardino Alumni

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