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Dental Injuries in Sports

Dental Injuries in Sports

Published on: - By: Carlos Brian Hernandez

Baseball holds a very special place in the heart of many Americans. Why? Because this game is for the average Joe, unlike football and basketball, where you need have to meet certain weight and height requirements, baseball can be played well by people of average height and weight. This has made baseball America “national pastime”.

Unfortunately, this sport can also be a little bit dangerous. Through this post, Sani Dental Group will share how you can protect yourself and loves ones from dental injuries when playing sports.

Dental Injuries – Sports

Every year thousands play baseball (among other sports), either with friends or with family or both. Baseball brings many joys either caused by the home runs, striking out the other team, or just seeing the family together. All this without a doubt baseball has help to unite and strengthen families for decades. However not everything is fine and dandy.

Every year more than 5 million teeth are broken and even knockout during a sports activity. These loss has resulted in nearly half a billion dollars spent every year replacing these teeth. That’s a lot of money!

Research has shown that basketball has the highest injury rate, for both male and female players, this is caused by a collision with other players or “contact” with other players hand or elbows. Any sport that involves close contact and speed can result in a possible injury of the orofacial region. Even sports that mandate participants to wear protective gear (football) have a high risk of suffering injuries, both dental and physical. Yet all these can easily be prevented, we will tell you how to prevent dental injuries in sports.

How to Prevent Dental Injuries in Sports

Even though teeth are one of our body’s strongest parts, they can be damaged. As we mentioned above, every year more than 5 million teeth are broken and even knockout during a sports activity, but all this can be prevented. If you are going to play a sport, wear the recommended protective gear. Research has shown that using a mouth guard can drastically lower the number of dental injuries suffers when playing sports. Unfortunately, only a very few percentage of players (less than 10%) wear mouth guards or any other orofacial protective gear when playing baseball, football, or soccer.

Oral trauma and even concussions can when mouth guards are not used, if you or someone you know gets impacted when playing a sport, don’t hesitate and visit your dentists or family doctor.

When Should I visit the Dentist?

If while playing baseball, soccer, football or any other sport the player suffers a concussion, stop the game, remove the injured player and take him to the doctor. If the doctors discover that the player also suffers oral trauma schedule a dentist appointment right away. Many teeth could be saved if one acts fast.

For example, if a tooth gets knock out a healthy way to save and store the tooth is placing it in a container filled with milk. Keep in mind that you must act fast in order to prevent tooth loss. If you wish to know more steps you can follow to prevent tooth loss we invite you to read our post: Preventing Tooth Loss. How should you visit? Who can take care of your dental needs when an injury occurs?

Who Should I visit?

If you suffer a dental injury while playing America favorite pastime, Sani invites you to give us a call and visit one of our clinics. Our 3 dental clinics offer visitors more than 30 professional dentists, capable of diagnosing the condition of your teeth and how to keep that beautiful smile strong and in its place. In addition to offering you a great team of professionals, Sani Dental Group offers you affordable prices and a nice hotel to stay.

Did you suffer a dental injury in baseball? Then come to Sani Dental Group and allowed or team of professionals to treat you dental needs, give us a call and of our patient coordinators will gladly assist you to take care of your dental needs. Enjoying sports and keeping that smile bright and strong is possible, just follow the recommendations our dentists offer and you will many prevent dental injuries.

Carlos Brian Hernandez

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