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FORD's Revolution - A Line that Unites

FORD's Revolution - A Line that Unites

Published on: - By: Carlos Brian Hernandez

What car are you driving today? Have you ever wondered how it was made? On this day in 1913, Henry Ford began a revolution that changed the industry and our lives forever. Thanks to the Assembly Line a luxurious automobile could now be purchased at an affordable price. However, this revolution did not only benefit past societies, the concept still benefits us. We invite to read this post and see how one man’s goal changed society. 

Ford’s Revolution

Henry Ford had one goal, to produce a quality car at an affordable price. He believed that all family man had the right to own a vehicle and to take their families across the city in a simple, yet luxurious vehicle. Henry Ford's aim was to "put the world on wheels" and he wanted to produce an affordable vehicle for the general public. In order to accomplish his goals, a revolution had to occur.  

Introduction of the Assembly Line

How Ford First Built Cars

In the beginning, Ford built cars the same ways as everyone else, one car at a time. Before the revolution, the vehicle would sit on one station while mechanics and their staff would sort parts to assemble from the chassis upwards. This process would take hours and even days to complete a single car. In addition to the long time lapse a 'hand-built' car took, this process also raised the cost of the vehicle. 

To speed up the process, an automation was needed. This is how the Assembly Line was born. The assembly line is a principle in which each worker is assigned one specific task, the worker will simply repeat his task as the unit moves to the next worker who does his task until the unit is completed and the final product is made. 
To complete their task, Henry and his team of engineers invented machines that would produce large quantities of parts the vehicle would need and organize their employees in order to increase productivity. FORD motor company was ready for the revolution, they were ready for the breakthrough.  

Increasing Productivity

To achieve his goal of mass production, productivity needed to increase and new methods needed to be invented. To accomplish this, Ford placed workers at appointed stations, while the chassis was hauled between them using a strong rope. The chassis would stop at each station, parts would be added until the final product was made.
The results soon began to speak for themselves, “the new process revolutionized production and dropped the assembly time for a single vehicle from 12 hours to about 90 minutes.”

The Incredible Results 

Ford and his team of engineers continued experimenting until every step was refined and perfect, he had finally reached his goal, his mass production vision had become a reality. Soon, other initiatives were introduced, like “the use interchangeable parts that could be put together easily by unskilled workers”, or the use of “gravity slides and conveyors”, and “even the placement of men and tools was meticulously researched to ensure the production line ran as efficiently as possible”.

How we Benefit 

How does this concept benefit us? Simple, thanks to the assembly line things that were once expensive and impossible to reach were now at our reach. On this day in 1913, Henry Ford installs the first moving assembly line, allowing the mass production of an entire automobile, the Model T. This car model soon began several revolutions. The assembly line had started the industrial revolution, and FORDS $5.00-day wage and the philosophy behind it started a social revolution.

Here at Sani Dental Group, we would like to take a moment to recognize historical characters who have impacted the societies. As we have mentioned in this post, FORDS assembly line concept offers us many benefits, it united families, a luxurious automobile could now be purchased at an affordable price and the concept began several revolutions. Soon, other companies copied this concept and adapted it to their line of work. Companies like breweries, canneries and industrial bakeries, flour mills, meat-packing plants and many more. 

Even today, the Assembly Line still benefits us. Even Los Algodones has benefited from this concept, allowing the town to offer dental treatment at an affordable price. 

Here at Sani Dental Group, we have adapted this concept and attempt to follow it every day. 

  • At Sani, you first make an appointment with your patient coordinator
  • Schedule lodging, shuttle, and transportation
  • Enter the diagnosis room
  • Have dental specialist assigned 
  • Have dental procedure done
  • Received post-dental care information
  • Have medication prescribed (if needed)
  • Return home

With all these steps, we sure that you will save thousands. If you are experiencing dental pain, we invite you to come to Los Algodones, to come to the capital of dental tourism. 

Carlos Brian Hernandez

Marketing Associate
Cal State San Bernardino Alumni

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