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Sani Dental Group offers cutting edge technology to get the best results for your dental treatment.

  • During Diagnosis you will be able to see everything the Doctor is explaining thanks to our intraoral camera. Technology of Sani Dental Group
  • We are one of the few clinics in Mexico that uses CAD-CAM Technology, and we do it like no other. Sani Dental Group has the best equipment in the market "KaVo Everest". With this innovation Sani Dental Group can offer faster and more quality laboratory work than any other clinic in Los Algodones. The KaVo Everest CAD/CAM is an outstanding example of holistic design in dental laboratory technology.

    The Everest engine has the advanced 5-axis milling and grinding technology. With its extremely compact design, long traverse paths with wide working angles, smooth the path to easy complete machining of even the most demanding geometrical designs with convoluted bottom sections. Technology of Sani Dental Group
  • Sani Dental Group has CT-Scan, panoramic x-rays and digital periapical x-rays on site that will help our diagnosis to be more accurate.
  • We have the best Laser equipment in the market that can be used to treat Periodontal diseases, stimulate tissue regeneration, or even cleaning and whitening procedures. Technology of Sani Dental Group


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